Heineken General Workers- Customer Services Deliveries

Ensuring timely distribution and efficient delivery processes through manual support tasks.

In Cape Town’s bustling distribution scene, the role of a General Worker is paramount in maintaining the smooth flow of products to customers. Tasked with a variety of manual duties, these workers play a crucial role in meeting distribution targets and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Key Responsibilities: Upholding Efficiency and Quality

Reporting and Innovation: General Workers serve as the eyes and ears of the distribution process, reporting defects, breakages, and stock shortages to the Driver promptly. Moreover, they are encouraged to suggest improvements that can enhance the company’s efficiency and save valuable time and resources.

Loading and Off-loading: Precision is key when it comes to loading and off-loading sprinters. General Workers are responsible for accurately packing products to ensure safe transportation, minimizing the risk of breakages during transit.

Quality Assurance: Attention to detail is vital in maintaining product integrity. Workers must adhere to quality assurance standards, identifying poor stacking, labeling, or packaging to prevent breakages and losses.

Safety and Compliance: From wearing Personal Protective Clothing to adhering to company health and safety regulations, General Workers prioritize safety at every step of the process. They ensure that vehicles are securely loaded before departure and maintain cleanliness to uphold hygiene standards.

Experience and Skills: The Backbone of Efficiency

To excel in this role, candidates must possess a blend of experience and skills:

Minimum Qualifications: A Grade 12 (Matric) qualification is required, along with at least 6 months of relevant experience.

Industry Knowledge: Experience in the alcoholic beverages industry is advantageous, providing insights into specific challenges and requirements.

Driving Skills: A valid driver’s license for a delivery vehicle (Code EC/ PDP) is essential, with safe and responsible driving skills paramount.

Customer Service: Excellent customer service skills are a must, ensuring positive interactions with clients during deliveries.

Physical Fitness: The role demands physical fitness to handle manual tasks and work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

Demonstrating HEINEKEN Behaviours: Aligning with Expectations

HEINEKEN’s values shape the behavior expected from General Workers:

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Deliver: Playing to win, celebrating success, and ensuring goods are delivered efficiently.

Shape: Thinking of the consumer first and making courageous moves to drive innovation.

Connect: Championing a culture of belonging, fostering learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Develop: Encouraging real conversations, embracing learning, and fostering growth opportunities.

Employment Equity and Diversity

Heineken Beverages (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd) is committed to diversity and inclusion. The company actively encourages applications from individuals with disabilities and considers its Employment Equity Plan and Targets during the recruitment process.

Closing Date: 17/05/2024

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