Truck Driver: Waste And Environmental Management

Location: Midvaal Local Municipality
Job Type Classification: Permanent
Closing Date: 24 MAY 2024 AT 12:00

Salary: R 188 604.00 – R 212 124.00 p.a.  (Level 10 of a Grade 8 Local Authority) Total package inclusive of all benefits: R 321 801.76 p.a.


  • Grade 10.
  • An additional benefit for grade 12.
  • EC (14) driver’s license code with a current PDP (public drivers permit).
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • The following are competences and talents related to a profession: flexibility, problem-solving abilities, communication, and meticulousness.
  • a diligent, disciplined individual.
  • two(02) years of appropriate driving experience working for a local government organization.


  • Operating a skip, tipper truck, and compactors to load and unload materials in the designated area in order to maximize efficiency and improve performance for efficient service provision.
  • Assign daily responsibilities and follow the Foreman’s or Supervisor’s instructions when traveling from one location to another.
  • tasks related to administration.
  • Taking care of the equipment, using it effectively, and maintaining the used car.
  • assisting with any additional tasks when the driving subsection is idle in order to guarantee efficient service delivery.
  • Observe corporate policies and procedures in addition to truck driving laws and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, and break hours).
  • Gather and confirm the delivery instructions.
  • Keep track of your driving distance, work/rest intervals, and fuel/toll receipts. Report errors, occurrences, infractions, and collisions promptly. Assemble vehicle condition reports and any other documentation that the supervisor or foreman requests.
  • Make sure that minor and significant vehicle maintenance is done by coordinating and communicating with the fleet coordinator and supervisor.
  • Make certain that the truck is maintained in excellent shape at all times, especially by having it washed, and that the maintenance is kept current.
  • Check automobiles for mechanical problems, safety hazards, and needless repairs.
  • Execute any additional ad hoc activities and responsibilities as needed or requested from time to time by management (supervisor).

How to Apply


CLOSING DATE: 24 MAY 2024 AT 12:00

Please be aware that for applicants going more than 400km, the municipality does not cover the expense of travel to and from the interview or other assessments connected with the hiring process.

Midvaal Local Municipality is committed to the establishment and preservation of representativeness and is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer (race, gender, disability). Preference will be given to applicants whose selection will increase representativeness.

Background investigations will be conducted on all shortlisted individuals (verification of qualifications, criminal record checks and security vetting). Applicants with credentials from outside the United States must present a letter from SAQA confirming their equivalent status.

In accordance with Act No. 4 of 2013 (POPIA), which protects individuals’ personal information, Midvaal Local Municipality values their right to privacy.

According to the Protection of Personal Information Act (Act No.4 of 2013; “POPIA”), which takes effect on July 1, 2021, and which Midvaal Local Municipality cherishes privacy under, personal information will not be shared to any third party without following the procedures outlined in the Act (es).

Applications will not be acknowledged due to the enormous volume of applications we anticipate receiving. If after three (3) months you still have not heard from us, kindly accept that your application was failed.

Note: The Council reserves the right to withhold an appointment to the aforementioned position(s).

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