The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best School Backpack for Your Child

Hey guys! It’s almost time to go back to school, ugh. I know, I’m not thrilled about it either. But one cool thing is we get to shop for new backpacks! A rad new bag can make going back a little less painful.

In this post, I’ll help you pick out the most awesome backpack to make heading back to school a little less painful. Get ready to go backpack shopping like a pro!


Top Things to Look For in a Student Backpack


Okay, listen up. There are a few key things to keep in mind when picking out your school backpack:


Pick the Right Size so You Don’t Look Ridiculous


Get a backpack that fits your body right. You don’t want one that’s bigger than you need just because it looks cool. Carrying an oversized bag will throw off your balance and make you walk funny.


Make sure the backpack doesn’t stick out way far past your body. It should only come down 4 inches lower than your waist at most. The bag also shouldn’t be wider than you are.


Go with a size that fits your frame properly so you look badass strolling down the hallway, not silly with a huge bag dwarfing you.


The Weight Shouldn’t Break Your Back


Textbooks these days weigh a ton. So make sure to grab a lightweight backpack that won’t put too much strain on your back when loaded up.


Here’s a good rule of thumb – only carry 10-20% of your own body weight in your bag. If you weigh 60 pounds (I know, you’re probably way more than that but I’m keeping the math simple here!) then your packed backpack should only be 6 to 12 pounds full.


Take out any unnecessary junk in your bag so you don’t go over the weight limit. Trust me, lugging super heavy bags Hurts with a capital H!


Cushy Straps are a Must so Books Don’t Hurt Your Shoulders


Nobody wants sore shoulders from backpack straps digging in all day. Look for a bag with thick, padded straps so you can carry books, laptops and gear comfortably. Bonus if the straps are adjustable too!


Multiple Sections Help Organize Your Stuff


Get a backpack with plenty of handy compartments and pockets. That way you can neatly stash your sports gear, lunch, laptop, books, pens, and anything else you have to haul to class and back.


Sections also help spread out the weight evenly across your bag so you don’t get unbalanced and tip over, heh.


Make Sure It’s Durable Enough to Last


Uh oh, did you rip your backpack already? You probably bought a cheap one. Look for durable bags made of sturdy materials like nylon or canvas.


Inspect the zippers, buckles and straps too. Give them a good tug – do they seem tough or flimsy? Don’t get stuck with a pack that falls apart after a month.


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Pick from Fun Styles to Show Your Personality


Now that you know what practical features to look for in your new backpack, here are some cool bag styles to choose from:


Classic Two-Strap Backpack


The OG backpack with two straps you sling over both shoulders will always be in style. It spreads weight evenly so you don’t get sore. With tons of sections, you can cram in all your school stuff. These come in rad colors and designs to match your vibe.


Wheeled Backpack


Got crazy heavy textbooks or sports equipment? Then roll don’t carry! Wheeled backpacks have wheels and a handle extending out so you can roll the bag behind you instead of lugging everything on your back. Just don’t run anyone over in the halls with that thing!


Laptop Backpack


Taking your computer to class? Then grab a laptop backpack. They have padded sleeves to protect your tech baby. The other pockets let you safely organize chargers, notebooks, and anything else you need to pack.


Trendy Messenger Bag


This style only has one strap but looks super sleek slung across your body. Just don’t overload it or the sideways weight will make you tilt! Messenger bags work great when you just have a laptop and book or two to carry.


Top School Backpack Brands to Step Up Your Style


Not sure which brand to go with? Here are some of the top names for stylish, durable student bags:


JanSport – Their backpacks come in fun prints and colors, and are made to last forever. I love the fuzzy monster and unicorn bags!


L.L Bean – Known for quality outdoor gear but their packs work great for school too. Their colorful canvas bags look classy.


Pottery Barn Kids – Preppy backpacks with cute patterns and monogramming available. Great quality bags.


High Sierra – Sporty backpacks with a spot for all your gear – phones, water bottles, laptops, everything!


Okay, Let’s Go School Backpack Shopping!


Now you know exactly how to pick the perfect backpack for cruising through the school year in comfort and style. With so many awesome options, it may be hard to choose just one bag.


Here are my pro tips for School backpack shopping:


  • Try on different styles until you find “the one”! Keep at it until you spot that bag you absolutely love.
  • Get a color or design that shows off your personality – fave TV show, character, sport, whatever! Accessorize it to make it your own.
  • Ask your parents and friends for opinions if you’re stuck between choices. But no copying – come up with your own look!

Got your new backpack? Then you’re all set strut your stuff in the hallways this school year. Let me know which stylin’ bag you picked out!

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